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      AQILA Shoes Matrial Factory was established in 2004.Which locates Wenzhou, Among our best known products are CaseHardende cloth, ShoesMouth Reinforcing Band, Hot Melt Series, and others. Our devotion to the continued research and study of footwear materials has helped expand the market rapidly. more over, we have successfully built business relations with a good number of countries, We will continue to play well our role as an efficient and reliable supplier of the shoe industry, hoping that our str enuous efforts will provide our old and new cust omers with better products and services in many years to come.

      Wenzhou MENGBO (AQiLa) Shoes Matrial CO.,Ltd. Address:Wenzhou shoes capital phase II Industrial Zone
      Tel:0086-577-88714422 fax:0086-577-88714789  E-mail:1204895589@qq.com   MSN:mingnie999@hotmail.com


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